History of Dasing Elementary School

The school preparatory committee was started at 1964 August. Li-Wanch'ien was the director of the preparatory committee. In February 1965 Yunlin government approves to build up the JianShan School Dagou branch school. 1968 in April Yunlin government approve as individual elementary school name of Desing, first elected Principal Li-Xin-Picks. 1969 in November Yunlin County Shueliin Township government local office has donate the land to Dasing elementary school to expand the senior colonel of school. 1,976 in August Shen- Teng ¡VFeng is the second principal. The third principal Lin- Shihh-Siung begin to work at Dasing elementary school at 1982 in August. In 1985 Dasing elementary school expand the senior colonel again. 1987 in September new principal Chen-Ten-Ho join the Dasing elementary school. 1996 in February Chi-Chin-Tsai is become fifth principal. The Sixth principal Tsai-lin-chen start works in school at August2001. Chi-Li-Yu is the seventh principal start from 21th of February 2004.